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2023/24 Tryout Information (Season 18)

2023/24 Allstar Cheerleading Tryout Packet IS HERE!

Click here for the full packet link!

Step by Step Instructions for Season 18 Tryouts

Step 1:

Gather all necessary information.

Go to website:

Click here to review what each tumble skill should look like:
Choose level that best fits your child…remember that in order to register for a certain level, your child must have ALL asterisks in the chart below.  PLEASE READ THE CHART BELOW CAREFULLY.

Tumble Grid

NEW THIS YEAR (and a bit of advice)…
We will be adding a tumble timing component to tryouts in which we assess the SPEED of your child’s tumbling. In order to contribute skills to a routine, they must be done on time (not too fast or too slow). This component is considered the last step towards mastery and was the place on our scoresheets this season that had the biggest room for improvement.  Most running skills require a power hurdle or two step entry (you can’t run the entire diagonal). We will be going over this component at the mandatory clinics.

The world of AllStar cheer has become incredibly competitive and it is our job to place your athlete where they will CONTRIBUTE to the overall routine in ALL categories.  It is no longer enough to “throw” a skill - they must be mastered to perfection. Classes will always be offered to provide an environment in which your child can continue to excel in their skills all season long.  Ideally, a child has a skill for an entire calendar year before it is “routine ready” and safe to repeat the number of times we will require it during practice.
Many times in order to win at an elite level, your athlete will repeat their level for 2-3 seasons.  The goal at CEA is to find the perfect fit for your child that will both challenge them to accelerate and provide an environment in which they can succeed.

Step 2:
Available Choices:
Ages 3-7 as of December 31, 2023 (we ask that ALL children in this category attend this session for tryouts. IF your child has level 2 skills or higher, they would ALSO attend their appropriate level)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Code Black (Non-tumble-mastery of Level 6 stunting required). WARNING! This is one of the hardest teams to make in the gym - not the place your child tries out if they can’t tumble.

*If your child wishes to tryout for both non-tumble and a tumble team…they must choose the tumble level that fits their tumble abilities.

Step 3:
Save the dates based on our tryout packet found here:
You MUST be registered in order to attend any clinics.
If you CANNOT attend tryouts for any reason, please follow instructions for tryout by video found here. You must be registered in order for your video to be viewed and your name to be added to our tryout database.  We will extract names from this list to compile our team evaluation lists for the last two weeks of May.

Step 4:  
Attend Tryouts.
May tuition will be drafted in full on Monday, May 16th. All new and returning athletes can begin training the first week of May as long as you are registered.
Check the website in order to know which days and times you should return to the gym following tryout weekend.  All tryout information will be placed under the tryouts tab found here.

Step 5:
Find out what team you have made at Teal Reveal on Monday June 13th!  We will hold 3 weeks of team evaluations before this event to ensure we have the right athletes placed together.  Each week the lists may change, so be sure to check the website every Sunday evening.  Our mandatory tumble camps held June 3-5 (levels 1-3) and June 10-12 (levels 4-6) will help us determine final placements.

Link to Gymwide Calendar:

Please email with any questions! We look forward to training you!
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