Full Year All Star Cheerleading

The earliest forms of competitive cheerleading were first seen in the late 1960’s. The International Cheerleading Foundation began ranking the top ten cheerleading squads, as well as handing out “Cheerleader All America” awards. America got it’s first glimpse of the competitive side of cheerleading in 1978 when CBS televised the Collegiate Cheerleading Championships. Over the last 30 years, competitive cheerleading has seen drastic growth. People across the world recognize now more than ever that All Star cheerleading focuses on teamwork, discipline, and athleticism and has swayed away from the pom-pom shaking and football chants. As the sport has continued to develop, All Star cheerleading is now seen as it’s own entity completely separate from school cheerleading. Teams have received notoriety for daring routines that include many different choreographed elements of tumbling and stunting. All Star cheerleading is considered a hybrid sport consisting of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics, along with many elements that are completely unique to cheerleading.


Full Year Cheerleading:

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Cheer Extreme is one of the most competitive All Star cheerleading programs in the world. Our program offers competitive cheerleading for athletes of all ages and all experience levels. Teams consist of 10 to 38 athletes with a similar skill level, but different athletic abilities in order to make the team as successful as possible. The coaches create a competition routine that is performed at competitions to compete against other teams of similar age and level. These routines are judged on the Varsity score sheet by their level of difficulty, technique, entertainment value, and creativity level. These teams require a full year commitment to our program, practicing two to three times a week. While there are plenty of competitive programs in the world, we believe our gym is an exceptional environment for kids to become their all-around personal best. All Star cheerleading is an excellent avenue for athletes to learn goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships.

For our younger athletes, ages 3-7, we offer full year novice and prep divisions. Travel is local and less frequent…perfect for the beginner cheerleader!  We also plan to offer youth and junior full year prep teams this season!

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