Private Lessons

All athletes must have an active account and be registered with Cheer Extreme Raleigh as an active athlete in a camp, rec class, all-star program, school team, or registered in our Private Lesson Registration @ CEA Raleigh class.

For the safety of athletes and instructors, no privates can take place in the gym unless two instructors are present.

Coaches generally offer the following types of privates: 

  • Tumble Private of 30 minutes ($35)
  • Group Tumble Privates w/ 2 athletes $40 for 30 minutes ($20 each)
  • Stunt Group Privates ($10 / athlete participating)
  • Coed Stunting Privates ($40 for 30 minutes); Coed Privates require a mandatory spotter

All of the coaches are excellent, but have different styles of coaching. Your athlete may be more drawn to one coach more than another. Feel free to try out different coaches to find a good match for your athlete. Coaches are open to setting up recurring standing private lessons. Be sure to check with the coach when scheduling the time of the private what type of payment they will accept. NO SHOWS / LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY.  Private Lessons may only be done by instructors on our active staff list.  See website for details. 

 Private Lesson Google Folder and How it works:

  • Once you have registered a Google Folder link will be emailed to the email you provide during registration
  • From your phone make sure you have the Google Sheets app downloaded
  • Make sure DARK MODE is turned off
  • Select the coaches google doc you are interested in signing up with
  • Make sure you are on the current weeks tab (all other tabs are locked and may not be edited)
  • Select and available time for that coach and note their cell phone contact information 
  • Each coaches specialty is noted at the top of the Google Doc

Please email [email protected] with general questions. Thank you!

revised 5/20/2024

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