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Half Year Cheer 2023-2024 Season Information:

Congratulations to all of our athletes who attended tryouts!


Missed Tryouts??

Makeup Tryouts will be held Thursday, August 31st from 7:00-7:45 with Coach Madi!


Hi Everyone!

We would like to thank you for being part of a record-breaking half year evaluation!  As a result, it is possible we may be adding a 4th team to the schedule in order to allow our cheerleaders to contribute fully to their routines.  We are attaching the link for practice times over the next two weeks.  Because of the gym being closed on Labor Day, we are inviting certain athletes to practice this coming Monday, August 28th.  Reminder that $195 will be drafted from your account on September 1st for tuition.
Please find your child’s name, listed alphabetically by last name in the link below.  Beside their name will be their chosen time to attend the next practice.    If we have listed two times, they are currently being considered for two teams.  
If continuing on two teams is an option for you, definitely let us know.  If there is room on a team, it may be possible to continue on both teams.  The only additional cost is $40 per month.  Otherwise, we will assume to choose one team or the other after seeing them in person one more time to evaluate thoroughly.
If we decide to add a 4th team, we would divide our Monday athletes into two teams.  One of them would continue on Monday from 7:15-8:45 and the other would practice on Thursday evenings from 7:45-9:15 beginning Thursday September 7th.  These times are chosen based on the most full floor availability.  If you are chosen for a Monday team and CANNOT make it on Thursday nights in the future, please email [email protected] directly.   All athletes should enter the gym on the far right side where they practiced last night.

We will be evaluating athletes based on age, tumbling, stunting, coordination/performance and jumps to divide into 3 teams.  Parents will be notified which team they made through email by Friday August 25th. If you are not able to attend evaluations on the 24th, please contact us at [email protected]. All staff members for half year are current active coaches of our full year teams 🙂 

About The Program:

Cheer Extreme’s Half Year cheerleading team is the perfect introductory program for anyone interested in All Star cheerleading. It is designed to give more athletes the chance to participate in our program and get the “All Star” experience, at an affordable rate with a minimal time commitment. This is a great start for kids who have little to no experience. We can guarantee that your child will learn all of the basics of cheerleading in a fun and positive learning environment. The team competes locally, with a total of 3 local regionals and 1 national competition. 

During practice they will focus on gaining several different skill sets, including tumbling, stunting, and dancing. They will learn a choreographed routine to music and then prepare that routine to be performed at the competitions where they will either showcase or compete against other All Star Novice or Prep teams. This program generally moves at a slower pace to ensure that the athletes are gaining the skills they need to be successful. One of the main focuses is to build the confidence of kids so that they feel comfortable performing in front of a crowd.

The season runs from September through March, with practices occurring once a week.  We will hold an extra practice on the Friday before each of our 4 performances so please plan ahead. Times TBA.  

Tuition is drafted on the 1st of every month from September through March.  Athletes are invited to continue training through the month of April to prepare for full-year tryouts in May for $150.

Half Year Evaluations:

  • Who: Any athlete born between 2008 and 2017 interested in All Star Cheerleading
  • Where: Cheer Extreme Raleigh 1601 Garner Station Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27603
  • When: Thursday, August 24 7:00-8:30
  • What to Wear: Any athletic style clothing, preferably a sports bra, t-shirt or tank, spandex, shorts, with tennis shoes or cheerleading shoes. Hair should be pulled back out of the athlete’s face. No jewelry is allowed to be worn.


Registration Fee: $50.00; Registration begins August 1, 2023!

USASF Fee: $49.00 

Monthly Tuition: $195.00 (1st draft September 1st)

This includes tuition fee, competition registration fees, choreography, music, coaches fee & Sports Compliance Fee

Uniform: $299 (Half year is getting a brand new uniform this season!)

Hair Accessory:  Unique to the particular team they make!  Team parents will take up the money due for this.  Typically it is between $20 and $30.

2023-2024 Competition Schedule:

Cheer Extreme Showcase:

Sunday October 22, 2023

Winston Salem, NC

Location: LJVM Coliseum


Sunday November 19, 2023

Raleigh, NC

Location: Dorton Arena

Sweetheart Classic: 

Saturday February 10, 2024

Raleigh, NC

Location:  Raleigh Convention Center

Battle at the Beach: 

Friday March 22, 2024

Myrtle Beach, SC

Location: Myrtle Beach Convention Center


Attendance is a big factor that determines our success.  Because teams only practice once a week, it is imperative that athletes attend.  Poor attendance will result in removal from the team.  

Practice times and days are determined by when staff and a full floor are most available throughout the week.  Our best estimate for times/days/teams is below but subject to change IF a significant amount of athletes have a conflict that cannot be moved.  Please note the age grid for our governing body USASF has changed this year significantly; if your child qualifies skill-wise for a team but is NOT age appropriate (based on who shows up for tryouts and what divisions are best for the majority of our half year clients), we may suggest placement in our full year program or class program instead to best suit the needs of your child.  Age Grid can be found here: 


Cheetahs:  Youth 1 Novice (2011-2016)

Open to athletes working on back walkovers with intermediate stunting abilities/coordination/performance                                                                              

Practice will be held on Mondays 7:15-8:45.
•1st practice is Monday August 28th

Closed for Labor Day Monday


Wildcats:   Junior 2 Prep (2008-2015)                                                                                                                      

Open to athletes with backhandsprings and/or roundoff backhandsprings OR elite stunting abilities/coordination/performance

Practice will be held on Tuesdays 8:00-9:30

•1st practice is Tuesday September 5th


Kitty Kats:  Mini 1 Novice (2014-2017)                                                                                                                       

Open to athletes new to cheer with a strong desire to learn/no tumbling required 

Practice will be held on Thursdays 6:45-8:15

•1st practice is Thursday September 7th


Panthers:  Junior 1 Prep (2008-2015)                                                                           

Open to athletes with backwalkovers or advanced stunting abilities/coordination/performance                                                                              

Practice will be held on Thursdays 7:45-9:15

•1st official Practice (after splitting teams Monday August 28th) will be held on Thursday September 7th

Our Half Year Program runs from September – March 2024.  

Tuition and Fees are drafted in one payment of $195 on the 1st of the month beginning September 1st. 

TEAM PARENTS will be chosen for each team to serve as the liaison between CEA management and the parents.  If you are interested in this position please contact Allison at [email protected] 

If you are interested in joining our half year program, please register on our website by clicking this link.  


We look forward to a great season!


Kelly Helton

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