Pricing Information

2024/2025 Season

Full Year All Star Program:

  • $79 Registration Fee or $100.00 per family
  • $49 USASF Fee (2023 price; *subject to change)
  • Monthly Tuition (drafted on the 1st of each month):
    • Tiny Teams practice once a week for Exhibition-Novice and range $65-$115
    • $185.00 Monthly Tuition for 1st child
      • $165.00 for the 2nd child
      • $145.00 for the 3rd child
  • Other Fees will include camp fees, choreography, music, coaches fees, post-season goodie bag, etc.
  • Monthly Crossover Fee to More Than One Team: $40.00 per athlete
  • Crossovers will also pay for each competition they attend if one of the multiple team(s) travels uniquely.


Competition and Other Fees:

The following fees will be due in seven (7) installments on the 15th of each month:

Jul 15th; Aug 15th; Sep 15th; Oct 15th; Nov 15th; Dec 15th; Jan 15th

Choreography:  $100-$300

Dance Fees:  $100-$225

Music Fees:  $200-$350

Coaches’ Travel Fees:  $100-$320

Banquet Fee:  $50 (includes athlete & two additional people)

Administrative Processing:  $35

Team Parent Kit:  $5

Sports Compliance Fee: $30

USASF Fee:  $79 (2023/24 price; *subject to change)

Post Season Swag Bag: $75

Uniform: $400-$575 depending on team

Bow: $25-$45 depending on degree of customization

Practicewear Package (for the season): $195 – $250 (depending on degree of customization)

Mandatory Warm-up Jacket: $120

Competition Registration Fees:  Range from $450-$1,400 (not including summit/world’s)

**Crossovers pay separately for each competition they attend; however, they only pay once for choreography/music/coaches’ travel/banquet.  Crossovers will need to pay for each competition they attend if one team travels uniquely.**

**Your child will not compete unless all fees have been paid.**

Competition Crossover Fees: Range from $150-$250 and will be due March 15, 2024.

Competition fees are non-refundable once they have been paid unless Kelly decides to cancel an event. (This usually occurs after at team receives a summit/world’s bid and no longer needs the event.)

Tumble Camp: $130

Skills Camp: $140/Second Skills Camp: $90                  

No Exceptions!


Refunds:   There are no refunds of competition fees or registration fees to anyone who leaves the program regardless of the date of leaving the program.  Anyone who leaves or is dismissed is responsible for payment of final month and all outstanding debts.  Please refer to terms & conditions for reasons an athlete can be dismissed.

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