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Tryout by Video


Welcome to the CEA Family,

We are so excited for this season and look forward to receiving your video tryout no later than midnight on Friday May 17th!  You must be registered in order for our staff to view your video submission.  Please join the class in our portal labeled “Video Tryout”. Registration link  

We prefer YouTube links for your videos as they are easiest to view.  Sending individual videos of each skill takes a lot of time to upload and view.

As we go through submissions, we will reach out to the contact provided from registration if we need more information. You can check the website on Sunday May 19th by midnight to find your team evaluation day and time for the following week.  If you are not able to make your practice, email us and let us know when you are available to come to the gym.  The Teal Reveal results will also be posted on the website on Friday June 14th by midnight for those unable to attend in person.

Send in a skills video any time between now and May 17th to Coach Chase at and we will respond within a week to let you know if we can offer you a spot on our upcoming roster based on your video.  No registration required for this process.
SSX-Small Senior 6
Smoex-Senior Coed 6
XSS- Extra Small Senior

Click here for the 2024-2025 Tryout Packet


SKILLS (check out the tumble information on page 4 of the Tryout Packet):

  • Jumps:
    • Level 1 Prep: 1 single toe touch
    • Level 1-3:  Toe Touch/Pike
    • Level 4-6 Hurdler/Toe Touch
  • Stunts – as many elite elements as possible for your level – please refer to United Scoring System
  • Flyers need to basket and also show body positions on the floor
    • Right & Left heel stretch/Bow and Arrow/Arabesque/Scale/Scorpion/Needle
  • Bases and Backspots will be asked what positions they prefer. The more positions mastered, the more chances they have to make a desired team.
  • Hardest running pass, followed by a second pass if it shows variety or a new skill they may land.
  • Hardest standing tumbling skill, followed by a second standing tumbling skill connected to jumps (if applicable in the level).
  • Please also show the required skill for each level listed below.   (BWO: backwalkover, BHS: Back Handspring)

      • Level 1 prep: Cartwheel BWO
      • Level 1: Cartwheel BWO & 2 BWO connected 
      • Level 2 prep: RO BHS & BWO BHS
      • Level 2: RO 2 BHS & BWO BHS Stepout BWO
      • Level 3: RO BHS TUCK & BWO 2 BHS
      • Level 4: RO BHS LAYOUT & Standing BHS Tuck
      • Level 5: RO BHS FULL & 2 to layout
      • Level 6:RO BHS FULL/DOUBLE & St. Full or 1 or 2 to full (or st. to double)



In addition to jumps, please submit a video of you flying, basing or back-spotting any or all of the following skills: (If you are more than one stunt position, feel free to submit videos showcasing your versatility)

  • Double up, Full Up switch up to body position, High to High Tick Tock, Spinning Tick Tock, Rewind, Inversion (hand in hand)
  • Flyers must basket and show all body positions from an extended stunt (Heel stretch on both legs, scale, scorpion/needle, arabesque, bow & arrow)

For Athletes trying out by Video for NON Worlds Teams:

You may also include videos of your child’s routine from THIS SEASON ONLY. They must be able to do all skills shown. If you choose to also attach a TEAM video, you must specify WHERE your child starts in the routine (middle panel/far right panel in the back) and which stunt group they are in for elite stunt and in what stunt position**

*****Ready to submit your video tryout?  Click here!



Under 18 and interested in cheering on a Worlds Team at CEA Raleigh? From out of town? Need housing? 

***Optional house is only for Worlds Team athletes under the age of 18.***

Follow these steps:

  • Click Here to complete this interest form.
  • Please submit an athlete introduction video via email to
    •  (click here to see a sample video to help guide you)
  • Click here to review the Hosted Athlete Contract that will be required once your athlete is assigned to a host family.


CEA Raleigh Staff

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