We’re so glad you are interest in All Star Cheerleading

We offer both Full Year All Star and Half Year All Star cheerleading:


Full Year Cheerleading:

Cheer Extreme is one of the most competitive All Star cheerleading programs in the world. Our program offers competitive cheerleading for athletes of all ages and all experience levels. Teams consist of 10 to 38 athletes with a similar skill level, but different athletic abilities in order to make the team as successful as possible. The coaches create a competition routine that is performed at competitions to compete against other teams of similar age and level. These routines are judged on the Varsity score sheet by their level of difficulty, technique, entertainment value, and creativity level. These teams require a full year commitment to our program, practicing two to three times a week. While there are plenty of competitive programs in the world, we believe our gym is an exceptional environment for kids to become their all-around personal best. All Star cheerleading is an excellent avenue for athletes to learn goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships.


Half Year Cheerleading: 

Cheer Extreme’s Half Year All Star cheerleading team is the perfect introductory program for anyone interested in cheerleading. It is designed to give more athletes the chance to participate in our program and get the “All Star” experience, at an affordable rate with a minimal time commitment. This is a great start for kids who have little to no experience. We can guarantee that your child will learn all of the basics of cheerleading in a fun and positive learning environment. The team competes locally, with up to 5 competitions. The season runs from September through March, with practices occurring once a week for two hours. During practice they will focus on gaining several different skill sets, including tumbling, stunting, and dancing. They will learn a choreographed routine and then prepare that routine to be performed at the competitions where they will compete against other All Star Prep teams. This program generally moves at a slower pace to ensure that the athletes are gaining the skills they need to be successful. One of the main focuses is to build the confidence of kids so that they feel comfortable performing in front of a crowd.


For more information, please click here to go to our Half Year All Star Cheer Program information page.

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